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Our Mission

We educate, empower and inspire.

We unite and support the social, affordable and community housing sector across Australia and New Zealand. Our purpose? To empower people in our industry to excel in their work, and to love what they do.

We create positive outcomes for your clients, local communities and organisations. Done through a range of online workshops, events and networking opportunities designed to educate, empower and connect you to others doing meaningful work and changing lives.

Did you know?

We are a profit-for-purpose organisation:

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That means the profits we generate are invested straight back into developing new digital and in-person workshops, events, and experiences, that support our members to build brighter futures for the most vulnerable in our community.

Care, connection, commitment.

Our team is passionate about supporting you through your career, providing ongoing learning opportunities, and empowering you to build your network, to be mentored, or to mentor others and strengthen our sector.

Have questions about our online workshops or events, or want to learn more about what the ahi can do for you? Get in touch.

Kellie Dunn

Learning & Development Manager

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Our Branch Committee Network:

Meet the dedicated team of volunteers that help us make the ahi what it is.

Interested in joining one of our branch committees? We’d love to have you on board!

All that's required is a few hours of your time each month. Share your ideas, grow your network and be part of the conversations that shape our educational programs, and the Australian and New Zealand housing sector, for the better.

Contact our team:

New South Wales

Director – Christina Hough

Chair – Nick Loder

Donald Proctor

Unis Goh

Mark Reader

Helen Wood

Sharon Collinge

Francis Brazil

Justyn Ramos


Director – Trudi Ray

Chair – Amanda Donohoe

Vere Longmore

Lindy Parker

Katheryn Atkinson

Robin Zakharov

Pren Dodaj

Roberta Buchanan

Jeanette Large

South Australia

Director – Ben Moore

Chair Margot George

Wendy Malycha

Andrew Davis

Nicole Chaplin

Gregg Ryan

Tania Noonan

Suzanne Marshall

Darren Huitema

Jonathan Amstrong

Western Australia

Director – Sean Kelly

Deputy Director – Kathryn Moorey

Chair – Paula O’Leary

Cynara Eaton

Beauty Bwembya


Director – Andy Dennis

Chair – Jon Eastgate

ahi President – Jamie Muchall  

Jacob Creedy

Connie Crookshanks

Sue Hughes

Rachael Vidler

New Zealand

Director – Fiona Matthews

Chair – Vicki McLaren

Chris Glaudel

Greg Orchard

Hope Simonsen

Paul Commons

Robert Macbeth


Currently taking applications - contact us.


Director – Kim Bomford

Currently taking applications - contact us.

Northern Territory

Director - Karen Walsh

Currently taking applications - contact us.

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