The housing sector is more than infrastructure: it's a people business

Let's not lose sight of the fact that the social and affordable housing sector is a people business.

Written by
Mark Henderson, ahi CEO
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I applaud both sides of politics for their focus and support of a social and affordable housing system with increased capacity and increased choice for some of Australia's most vulnerable.

What will be needed to support this infrastructure is a robust, scalable and leading edge workforce that has the skills to drive new innovative practices and one that can maintain the momentum of the sector for the next ten years and beyond.

The new housing system of the future has to be supported with advancement in workforce skills including new skills and approaches to technology, customer experience, data science and organisational leadership. The system of the future will focus on client engagement, satisfaction and innovative methods to make better decisions and to focus on better health and life outcomes of the people that the system aims to support.

At the ahi, our focus is on professional growth and we continually scour the planet for the best in class thinking that can support our members. New infrastructure is desperately needed but let's not lose sight of the fact that the social and affordable housing sector is a people business.

We've seen through COVID-19 the importance of our home, the importance of real-time communication and being able to access services when and where we need it.

Housing professionals ultimately provide the glue between housing and social services and we also need a strong financial commitment to help them rapidly advance their skills. These are the people who we will ultimately rely to run the housing system of the future.

The ahi is 20 years of age in 2021 and has maintained a focus of supporting professionals in the social and affordable housing sector. We see a bright future ahead and looks forward to the continuing support of members as they traverse their career (and life) journey.

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